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LG V40 may launch a month after the Samsung Galaxy Note 9

LG V0 LG V40Since the inception of the smartphone, we have watched dozens of companies try to get their foot in the door and stake their place in the industry. The process has been an ebb and flow. Companies who were considered the best a decade ago are now struggling to make a profit. The reason for this

Can Facial Recognition Software Do More Good Than Harm?

Your face is the key to your personal identity: It distinguishes you from every Tom, Dick, and Harry; it unlocks your smartphone, and it gains entry to your bank account. It also allows […]
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Vivo’s 3D sensing tech has 10X more sensor points than Apple iPhone X’s Face ID

Vivo TOF 3D Sensing TechnologyBiometric authentication has become increasingly popular since its re-introduction in smartphones in 2013. We have had fingerprint sensors, iris scanners, and 3D facial scanning modules. The Apple iPhone X uses 3D facial scanning in the form of Face ID, while Xiaomi and Oppo have adopted 3D facial scanners in the Xiaomi Mi 8 Explorer Edition

Face Recognition CEO Warns of Police Abuse

Facial recognition, especially when combined with machine learning, has been one of the creepier developments in modern tech. And there’s no wonder why. Being able to simply walking around in society without machines […]
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