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iPhone X + Huawei P20 = Motorola P30 | #PNWeekly 318

The Motorola P30 is pretty much the iPhone X. Design-wise, it just is. Okay, perhaps we should really talk more about this because it’s more than just a look-alike. But before that, a stringy thought thread about the Galaxy Note 9 and some Crazy Rich Asians make our day. We also notch another bit of

Google Camera vs. OxygenOS Camera: Which is better on the OnePlus 6?

oneplus 6 gcam google cameraThe OnePlus 6 is one of the standout devices of 2018. Like many of its predecessors, it offers a compelling flagship level performance package at a good value, at least when compared to what other offerings are available. Outside of discounted flagships, or older devices at an unexpectedly lower cost – like the Pixel 2

Firebase adds In-App Messaging, BigQuery exports, Jira integration, and more

Google Firebase Feature Image RedWhether you’re independent or part of a small or large team, you probably rely on tools like Google’s Firebase to make your life easier. Rather than set up your own crash reporting system, you just integrate Crashlytics. Rather than implement your own push messaging service, you just use Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM.) For smaller or even