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Samsung’s foldable smartphone expected in March, missing on key feature

Samsung gave us a first look at its long-awaited foldable smartphone last week, sadly we don’t have any new images of the device outside of that dummy case, but industry sources have revealed that the foldable smartphone is due out in March of 2019. The full unveiling of the phone is reportedly happening in February …

Google offers official support for foldable Android phones


Foldable phones have always been on the horizon, offering a tantalizing glimpse for the next wave in technology. While the concept is nothing new, the hardware has finally arrived in a workable format, with foldable devices expected to hit the market in 2019. But foldables are nothing without software that’s designed to work with the […]

Samsung confirms foldable smartphone to be unveiled this year

The long-awaited foldable smartphone with a bendable display from Samsung may finally be right around the corner. DJ Koh, CEO of Samsung’s mobile division revealed to CNBC that the company will be showing off the new device at the Samsung Developers Conference in November. DJ Koh said that it’s “it’s time to deliver” on the device that’s …