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OnePlus 6 Speed, Smoothness & Gaming XDA Review: Living up to the Slogan

The OnePlus 6 was announced last week, packing the latest hardware as expected. OnePlus devices have been known to be extremely speedy, to the point where the new phone’s marketing slogan reflects that reputation. With the fastest chipset from Qualcomm as well as the same copious amounts of quick RAM and storage as last year’s models,

Razer Phone XDA Display Analysis: A Great Start for 120Hz Displays on Android

When contemplating who’d be a major player in the Android smartphone business, the gaming hardware giant Razer probably doesn’t come to mind. While they have yet to establish themselves as a reliable smartphone provider, Razer’s first attempt did not at all seem like it was their first time dabbling into Android, likely because much of

Navigation Gestures by XDA brings iPhone X-style gesture controls to Android devices

Navigation gestures are all the rage these days. Everyone has them: Apple, OnePlus, Xiaomi, Huawei, and now Google in Android P. Everyone does them differently, too. We thought we would offer our own take on gesture navigation with the Navigation Gestures app, built in-house at XDA. The app brings customizable gesture control to any Android

OnePlus 6 launched in India, price starts at Rs. 34,999

The OnePlus 6 was globally launched yesterday at an event in London. Regional pricing for India wasn’t revealed at the event, because OnePlus had already scheduled a separate event in Mumbai, India, on May 17. At the Mumbai event, the company officially launched the phone in India, along with the Marvel Avengers limited edition. OnePlus