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Navigation Gestures update brings OnePlus 6-style gestures to any Android device

Navigation Gestures by XDAGesture navigation has become a staple feature on most flagship smartphones these days, with much debate centered around who does it the best. Android P brings native gesture control to all supported devices like the Google Pixel and Google Pixel 2, Xiaomi offers full-screen gestures on the Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Pro and devices running

[Update: Fix] PSA: Latest Play Store update breaks license verification for paid apps

google play store license verificationGoogle offers a number of tools to developers to protect their applications and ensure that pirates can’t easily sideload the premium versions of their apps. One of these tools is LVL, the License Verification Library. Many applications on the Play Store use it such as Substratum and our own XDA Navigation Gestures App. But there’s a major problem: In the