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Essential Phone will work on all four major US carriers


A smartphone that works across both GSM and CDMA carriers is not a common find. The Nexus and Pixel line of devices feature both sets of radios, as well as some Motorola phones, but you still have to choose one or the other with most phones these days.

7 things to know about the Sony Xperia X Performance

Get to know the latest high-end phone from Sony.

The Sony Xperia X Performance isn’t exactly blowing everyone away with its amazing quality or value, but every time a Sony phone comes to the U.S. it’s at least an intriguing proposition. This time we’re looking at a whole group of Xperia X phones, with the X Performance leading the pack as the super-high-end version, with a price to match.

And while the Xperia X Performance can be better described as a mixed bag than a smash hit, it’s still one that people are looking at and trying to learn more about. If you’re in that camp, you’ll want to see these 7 things to know about the phone. Read on.

Small, but powerful

Most high-end phones nowadays are rather large, but the Xperia X Performance most definitely is not. Coming in at 143 x 70.5 x 8.6 mm and 164 grams with just a 5-inch display, it’s downright compact, almost the exact same size as the Galaxy S7.

That doesn’t mean that it’s come up short in terms of specs, though — …

Greenify Dev Wants to Evolve Android’s Notifications with Nevolution

Greenify Dev Wants to Evolve Android's Notifications with NevolutionThe developer behind the popular Greenify application has recently launched a developer preview of a brand new project, Nevolution. With this platform, community developers will be able to create plug-ins for popular apps and enhance the type of notification the user receives. This enables the developer community to improve notifications for apps even if the original developers have no

Here’s where you can buy the Sony Xperia Z5 Premium in the US

Sony hasn’t yet formally introduced the Sony Xperia Z5 Premium — the first phone with a 4K display — in the United States, but there are ways to snag one if you’re in the market. Both Amazon and Expansys are selling the device, but there are a couple of catches.