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7 things to know about the Sony Xperia X Performance

Get to know the latest high-end phone from Sony.

The Sony Xperia X Performance isn’t exactly blowing everyone away with its amazing quality or value, but every time a Sony phone comes to the U.S. it’s at least an intriguing proposition. This time we’re looking at a whole group of Xperia X phones, with the X Performance leading the pack as the super-high-end version, with a price to match.

And while the Xperia X Performance can be better described as a mixed bag than a smash hit, it’s still one that people are looking at and trying to learn more about. If you’re in that camp, you’ll want to see these 7 things to know about the phone. Read on.

Small, but powerful

Most high-end phones nowadays are rather large, but the Xperia X Performance most definitely is not. Coming in at 143 x 70.5 x 8.6 mm and 164 grams with just a 5-inch display, it’s downright compact, almost the exact same size as the Galaxy S7.

That doesn’t mean that it’s come up short in terms of specs, though — …

Greenify Dev Wants to Evolve Android’s Notifications with Nevolution

Greenify Dev Wants to Evolve Android's Notifications with NevolutionThe developer behind the popular Greenify application has recently launched a developer preview of a brand new project, Nevolution. With this platform, community developers will be able to create plug-ins for popular apps and enhance the type of notification the user receives. This enables the developer community to improve notifications for apps even if the original developers have no