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One month to go until GDPR: What you need to know

General Data Protection Regulation [GDPR] is the largest shake-up in consumer data protection law in recent history. If you’re a developer, web admin, business owner, or user who operates/resides in the EU, GDPR will affect your digital life in one way or another. Even if you’re based in the U.S. or elsewhere, you’ll feel its

Apple Sued for Throttling iPhones Without User Consent

Apple faces litigation over the recent confession that it deliberately slows older iPhones to prevent battery damage. The tech titan last week admitted to reducing the function of iPhone 6, 6s, 7, and […]
The post Apple Sued for Throttling iPhone…

Essential is being sued for its wireless accessory connector

Essential Phone 4

Essential’s accessory connector is an interesting one. It uses two physical power pins and wireless data transfer. Unfortunately, a previous potential partner is suing the company over that wireless data transfer tech.

Essential was in talks with Keyssa (backed by Tony Fadell, an ex-Google employee just like Andy Rubin) over its wireless […]