T-Mobile vows to continue saying its LTE network is faster than Verizon’s

T-Mobile came under fire last week from telecoms watchdog the National Advertising Division (NAD) for claiming it had the country’s fastest LTE network. T-Mobile had made the assertion in its advertising campaigns based on data from crowd-sourced network statistics groups Ookla and OpenSignal, which verified T-Mobile’s position at the top.

However, Verizon cried foul, reasoning that the time from which the data had been sampled had unfairly put the results in T-Mobile’s favor. These samples reportedly arrived from the month following Verizon’s introduction of its Unlimited Data plan, and Verizon suggested that its users would have been less familiar with the data throttling which is placed on those who exceed the fair use restrictions of such plans. Therefore, this may have resulted in more throttled users on Verizon’s network conducting speed tests than throttled users on T-Mobile’s network during that period.

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This notion was upheld, and NAD recommended that T-Mobile cease using such advertising messages — something which T-Mobile initially agreed to. Now, it has changed its mind.

“NAD ruled that the one month of crowdsourced data we submitted (when Verizon launched their unlimited plan) could not be used,” wrote T-Mobile in a statement (via Fortune). “NAD previously recognized third-party crowd-sourced data as a way to look at network performance, so we looked at the latest results, and verified what we already knew! T-Mobile is still the fastest LTE network and we’ll continue to let consumers know that!”

You can understand why T-Mobile doesn’t want to give up on this message without a fight, especially as the company made a significant play for LTE infrastructure earlier this year — its biggest-ever investment. T-Mobile secured around 45 percent of the lucrative 600 MHz spectrum in an $8 billion deal, however, T-Mobile is still estimated to have around half of the number of subscribers that AT&T and Verizon do, the current front-runners in the US telecoms market. Establishing itself as the fastest wireless network could be key to T-Mobile growing its subscriber base going forward.

Apple Watch 3: 7 Reasons to Buy, 4 Reasons Not To

Apple Watch 3: 7 Reasons to Buy, 4 Reasons Not To is a post by Josh Smith from Gotta Be Mobile.

The new Apple Watch 3, or Series 3, is an impressive upgrade from the first Apple Watch, and adds in key improvements over the Apple Watch Series 2 that earned a spot on the wrist of many people last year. Here’s a look at the reasons you should buy the Apple Watch 3, and the reasons you should hold off on purchasing the Apple Watch 3 right now.

The new Apple Watch Series 3 goes up for pre-order on September 15th and goes on sale on September 22nd alongside the iPhone 8. You can pre-order the Apple Watch 3 to make sure you get one on the release day, but it’s not something you absolutely need to do if you want a new Apple Watch this year. We typically see stock constrained for a month or two after the release, but with a third release Apple may have this under control better.

If you plan to buy the Apple Watch with LTE you can currently get 3 months of free service and waived activation at carriers. You will also want pre-order the Apple Watch 3 with LTE, since there is a bigger chance it will sell out faster.

We’ve owned the Apple Watch and Apple Watch 2, and we’ve been following the Apple Watch 3 for more than a year. That’s why you can trust us for your Apple Watch 3 buying advice. We’ll be updating this as we go hands on and as we learn more about how the LTE features will work, if we ever see the Spotify Apple Watch app and when we start hearing about the Apple Watch 4.

Here are the reasons you should buy the Apple Watch 3.

  1. Buy the Apple Watch 3 for LTE
  2. Buy for Better Workout Tracking
  3. Buy for Better Siri
  4. Buy for Apple Music Streaming
  5. Buy for GPS if Your on Series 1
  6. Buy for Stainless Steel & Special Editions
  7. Buy for Water Resistant

You should also check out the flip side that will help you better understand the drawbacks, who shouldn’t be upgrading and other important information. Here’s why you shouldn’t buy the Apple Watch 3;

  1. Don’t Buy if You Want Deals
  2. Don’t Buy if you have Series 2 & Don’t Need LTE
  3. Don’t Buy Until You Read Reviews
  4. Don’t Buy for New Bands

We will explain them more in the sections below to outline specific details you need to know about. You can click the links above, or click on the images below to jump directly to a section that interests you.

Buy the Apple Watch 3 for LTE

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Buy the Apple Watch 3 for LTE

Do you want to use your Apple Watch without your iPhone nearby? In that case, you should buy the Apple Watch 3 with LTE. This is an upgraded model that can directly connect to cell phone networks. It shares the same number as your iPhone and you need to add it to your plan for $10 a month to get the benefits. 

Once this is connected, you can leave your iPhone at home and you can make calls, send and receive texts, get directions, use Siri and use some third party apps that require data. It's basically an iPhone on your wrist, but you'll be doing most of your controlling by voice. 

If you live to run, go outdoors, head to festivals and other situations where carrying an iPhone is a pain, you can strap on the Apple Watch and go, while staying connected. You can use Apple Pay when you are on your Apple Watch LTE too, so you can handle a lot of tasks. 

For the right user, this is one of the biggest reasons to buy the Apple Watch Series 3. 

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Apple Watch 3: 7 Reasons to Buy, 4 Reasons Not To is a post by Josh Smith from Gotta Be Mobile.

Apple Watch 3 With LTE Will Let You Make Calls, Send Texts without iPhone

Apple Watch 3 With LTE Will Let You Make Calls, Send Texts without iPhone is a post by Josh Smith from Gotta Be Mobile.

Apple is about to announce the Apple Watch 3 which will include built-in LTE so you can use it to make calls and send texts without your iPhone within reach. Rumored for months, but two new leaks confirm that this is coming this month and will be featured at tomorrow’s Apple event.

For a short time Verizon listed the Apple Watch Series 3 on the My Verizon app, under connected devices and a massive iOS 11 leak over the weekend included an Apple Watch 3 with the iOS 11 signal bars on the screen and other hints at a connected device.

The Apple Watch 3 with LTE as discovered by 9to5Mac and Reddit user tarheel34.
The Apple Watch 3 with LTE as discovered by 9to5Mac and Reddit user tarheel34.

This is one of the biggest reasons you should wait to buy the Apple Watch 3, especially since we expect that it will arrive on store shelves later this month with tons of new features that WatchOS 4.0 can’t bring to your current Apple Watch.

Over the weekend 9to5Mac shared details discovered in the leaked iOS 11 GM, including the Apple Watch app showing off the new Apple Watch 3 with LTE. You can see it above on the left side of the image and in the video below 9t05Mac shares more details about this development. You can also see some of the new Apple Watch 3 colors in the Watch app on iOS 11.

A user on Reddit shared a screenshot of the My Verizon app showing the Apple Watch Series 3 listed under Connected devices. This indicates that it will feature LTE so that you can make calls, send texts and more without your iPhone.

One of the interesting features noted on the 9to5Mac video is the presence of a Maps complication. With GPS and LTE, you should be able to pull up directions on the Apple Watch 3 and use it to get around without carrying an iPhone with you. Although there were some reports that the Apple Watch 3 wouldn’t be able to make calls right out of the gate, the latest rumors suggest there will be a good deal of connectivity available to apps and the watch with LTE.

We don’t know yet which apps will have access to the LTE connection and what they will be able to do with it just yet. While you can likely make calls, use Siri and get directions all while streaming Apple Music, we don’t know if this will include support for the upcoming Spotify Apple Watch app to stream your music while on the go. Keep in mind that you will still likely need the iPhone to manage the Apple Watch, and there has been no indication of an Android Apple Watch app to manage those options.

Apple Watch 3: 7 Reasons to Wait & 3 Reasons Not To

Wait if You Want Better Battery Life

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Wait if You Want Better Battery Life

Apple boosted battery life dramatically from the first Apple Watch to the current Apple Watch Series 2, and rumors indicate that the Apple Watch 3 battery life will see more gains. 

The Economic Daily News, via DigiTimes, reported in early 2017 that Apple plans to deliver better battery life for the Apple Watch Series 3. This report is from early 2017. Battery life is an area that Apple continues to focus, and we could see efficiencies in the processor and display deliver better overall battery life on a new Apple Watch. 

This is good news for users who want an Apple Watch that can last through a weekend of camping or outdoor activities without the need to bring the charger or a battery pack. If you want more than two days of battery life, you should wait to see what the Apple Watch 3 battery life numbers look like this fall. 

Longer battery life would help unlock more useful Apple Watch sleep tracking abilities while still allowing owners to use the Apple Watch the next day. 

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Apple Watch 3 With LTE Will Let You Make Calls, Send Texts without iPhone is a post by Josh Smith from Gotta Be Mobile.

Sprint Magic Box will boost your LTE coverage

Sometimes you just don’t have all those coverage bars lit up on your phone, despite forking over whatever amount of money you do every month.

As a result, wireless carriers are more than happy to offer you things that can boost your signal, and that’s what we’ve got here with the Sprint Magic Box, a brand new small cell that will boost your LTE coverage whether you’re indoors or outside.

The Magic Box can provide coverage up to 30,000 square feet indoors, and it can extend about 100 meters outdoors. The Magic Box is an all-cellular device, so you don’t need to hook it up to any kind of internet connection to make it work. It does need to be put near a window so it can connect to a nearby Sprint cell site, though.

Sprint personal and business customers can get the Magic Box for free, which is a nice bonus. However, the Now Network does caution that if they don’t get the Magic Box back when you’re finished with it (presumably if you decide to leave the network), they could charge you $140 for it.

Do you need something like the Magic Box?

T-Mobile’s nationwide 5G network will be here by the year 2020

T-Mobile announced today that it finally has firm plans on when we’ll see the Magenta carrier’s nationwide 5G network. Details are scarce right now, but T-Mobile CEO John Legere revealed in a video blog that the Un-carrier is committing to building a true nationwide 5G network with its newly acquired 600MHz spectrum, not that pseudo-5G […]

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