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Team OpenKirin opens website to support all EMUI 8 Huawei/Honor devices

Huawei and their subsidiary Honor ship their smartphones and tablets with their EMUI software. It’s a heavily modified version of the stock Android framework that offers a lot of features not found in AOSP. Some people prefer all of the added features while the stock Android purists would much rather have stock Android running on

Moto G6 review: A worthy successor

I think the Moto G5 Plus was the best budget phone of 2017. It was among the first to truly offer a complete smartphone experience for such a low price. A Honda Civic of smartphones. I even included it in my Top Ten Android Phones of All Time article f…

US deal saves Chinese phone maker ZTE from total ruin

Everyone remembers when the rug was pulled out from under Huawei’s feet the day before they planned to announce a partnership with AT&T to sell the new Mate 10 Pro. It was the talk of CES 2018 and the result of the US government’s claim…