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Microsoft Office for Android receives several new features in the latest update

Microsoft Office PowerPoint Outlook Microsoft WordThe Microsoft Office productivity suite is massively popular on desktops as the software of choice for most Windows users. Despite the existence of free and open sourced alternatives like LibreOffice, both personal and enterprise users prefer the familiarity of Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Outlook for their daily needs. Even if that entails incurring a fee

Microsoft Office for Android is Now Available on All Chromebooks

Microsoft Office was released for Android over two years ago, with separate apps for Word, Excel and PowerPoint. The apps were free to use for viewing and editing documents on phones if users signed in to their Microsoft account. On the other hand, the Office productivity suite was not available on Chrome OS, which was

10 best office apps for Android

One of the centers of productivity are office apps. They’re used for a variety of purposes by almost everyone. Here are the best office apps for Android!

How to Setup Office 365 Personal  

How to Setup Office 365 Personal   is a post by Travis Pope from Gotta Be Mobile.

Everything that seems conventional was radical at some point in the past. When it first launched Office 365, critics and technology watchers blasted Microsoft’s moves in the space. No one, they said, would be comfortable with renting software. Microsoft enters 2017 having proved those people wrong. In an earnings report released in January 2017, Microsoft […]

How to Setup Office 365 Personal   is a post by Travis Pope from Gotta Be Mobile.