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Nextlit is an App That Uses the Nextbit Robin’s LEDs for Notifications

The Nextbit Robin, a crowdfunded project from hardware startup Nextbit, is a community-driven phone that was competitive in its price bracket. Nextbit was acquired by Razer last year and development on Robin came to a close in January, but that didn’t stop the developer community at XDA from doing what it does best. Folks in the

Nextbit cloud storage for Robin phones shutting down

When Nextbit was developing the Robin smartphone, one of the unique selling points was going to be the unending storage space available. The plan to make this happen was to provide all the space a user would need by having storage handled by a cloud se…

Nextbit Robin’s Cloud Storage Servers Will Shut Down on March 1, 2018

It’s not easy for new companies to enter the smartphone market — the competition’s fierce, and it takes really unique features to stand out from the crowd. When startup company Nextbit announced the Kickstarter-backed Nextbit Robin, one of its standout features was Smart Storage, which dynamically expanded the phone’s local storage by syncing photos, applications, and other