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Best budget phones you can buy (August 2018)

Who says you have to pay a ton for a good phone? This best cheap phones list breaks down into three categories: $400 and below, sub-$300, and sub-$200 — a price category for nearly every budget.

OnePlus 6T may launch on T-Mobile


Ever since OnePlus started selling phones to folks in the United States, it has always offered unlocked phones direct to consumers who want near-flagship specs without having to fork over a lot of cash compared to the top-tier competition. The reason for that is because OnePlus hasn’t nailed down a major wireless carrier […]

The OnePlus 6T may launch on T-Mobile in October

t-mobile logoOnePlus phones are popular among the Android enthusiast community, but most “normal” people don’t know much about the company. That has slowly changed over the years, but OnePlus remains to be fairly unknown in the mass market. According to a new report, that is about to change as the OnePlus 6T will be launching on T-Mobile