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Party Like It’s 1983 With Apple Lisa OS Source Code

Apple’s most famous flop will return in 2018. The Computer History Museum (CHM) recovered source code for the Apple Lisa computer, released in January 1983. Currently under review in Cupertino, the code should […]
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CEO of Cyanogen says it will remain an OS company [Update]

Kirt McMaster, the CEO of Cyanogen, has denied recent reports that the company is switching its strategy to apps, saying, “We are an OS company and our mission of creating an Open Android stands.”

Late last week, rumors hit the internet that Cyanogen had laid off as many as 20% of its team members. McMaster admitted to some layoffs, without revealing specific numbers, on his Twitter account:

really sad we had to let go of some wonderful folks this week. startups and disruption are brutal.— Kirt McMaster (@cyanogenone) July 23, 2016

Those same reports suggested Cyanogen was going to work more on apps rather than its alternative smartphone OS as part of a shift in its business. Today, McMaster posted again on Twitter to deny those rumors:

Cyanogen NOT pivoting to apps. We are an OS company and our mission of creating an OPEN ANDROID stands. FALSE reporting was outstanding.— Kirt McMaster (@cyanogenone) July 25, 2016

The Cyanogen OS has made its way in a few phones, most nota…

Acer Chromebook R11 review: Solid laptop, mediocre convertible

Acer Chromebook R11 Full review

As we head toward the future of Android apps being available on Chrome OS, the idea of a small, convertible touchscreen Chromebook makes a little more sense. Before that announcement at Google I/O 2016, a Chromebook that could fold back into a touch-only device didn’t really have much appeal. Chrome apps weren’t ready for touch, and the OS as a whole still preferred a mouse and keyboard.

The Acer Chromebook R11 is one of these convertible Chromebooks that launched a bit ahead of its time, being ready for the touchscreen convertible future before Android app support came to the OS. And even at this point, though we know Android apps are coming, they won’t be here for everyone for several months. There’s little reason to buy a Chromebook for what it could do in the future — what it can do right now is far more important.

Acer knows the Chromebook world, and has the sales numbers from the past few years to prove it. But does the Chromebook R11 contin…

Why is Android your favorite OS?


A friend of mine refuses to use an Apple product. This dates all the way back to the iPod, when he’d choose pretty much any other product, even if it was an inferior one (which he admitted multiple times on different occasions!). That’s gone on for years now. He uses Windows-based PCs, despite admitting that he prefers the keyboard and trackpad on a MacBook.