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What To Do If You Forget Your Android Password or Pin

What To Do If You Forget Your Android Password or Pin is a post by Cory Gunther from Gotta Be Mobile.

In this guide we’ll explain what to do if you forget your Android password, pin or pattern. Our smartphones and tablets are very secure these days especially with the rise of fingerprint scanners. As a result, passwords or pin codes aren’t used as often. If you forgot yours we may be able to help. At […]

What To Do If You Forget Your Android Password or Pin is a post by Cory Gunther from Gotta Be Mobile.

Android Pay in the UK: Everything you need to know

Want to pay for stuff in the UK using Android Pay? Great! Here’s what you need to know.

Android Pay is Google’s mobile payments service, and it’s now live in the UK. Much like Apple Pay, this means that if you have a supported handset and your bank allows it, you can securely pay for things in the real world without fumbling around for cards or cash.

Where can I use Android Pay in the UK?

Because the underlying technology is so similar, Android Pay should work anywhere contactless credit and debit cards are supported. That includes many of the big supermarkets and coffee shop chains, and the London Underground.

Is Android Pay the same as Samsung Pay?

No. Samsung Pay is Samsung’s own payment service which uses slightly different technology, allowing it to work regardless of whether a contactless terminal is present. When Samsung Pay launches in the UK, Samsung phone owners with supported handsets will be able to use this, or Android Pay, to make payments on their phones.


How to set up and secure your phone using Samsung’s My Knox


Keep your work and personal data safe and secure without even having to send your phone to Kentucky.

Samsung’s My KNOX is a free security platform that essentially partitions your phone’s storage so that your business and work data are kept separate and secure.

It’s totally free; all you need is an email address.

How does it work?
How to find and download Samsung My KNOX for Android
How to set up Samsung My KNOX for Android
How to manually lock your Samsung My KNOX folder for Android
How to add apps to your My KNOX folder for Android
How to remove apps from your My KNOX folder for Android
How to add My KNOX apps to the Home screen

How does it work?

The idea is that you would use My KNOX’s “virtual sandbox” to store your work data, leaving the “main area” of your phone for personal use. For example, when taking photos in your My KNOX Camera app (same camera app, just used within the My KNOX portion) the photos will only show up in your My KNOX Gallery and not in the regu…

How to use Trusted Devices in Android

Using Smart Lock is an easy way to mix security with convenience — keep your Android locked unless you want it unlocked.

Introduced with Android 5.0 Lollipop, Smart Lock includes the addition of what’s called a Trusted Device. A trusted device is anything — from an Android Wear smartwatch to a smart luggage tag to your car’s stereo — that can be connected to your phone via Bluetooth, or a programmable NFC tag that’s been set up to unlock your phone when the two are close enough to communicate.

While folks who are truly security-focused won’t use any of the Smart Lock options (if someone steals your phone they will probably steal your smart watch, too) they are one of those good things that get more people to lock their phone because it’s more convenient to unlock it — just like a fingerprint scanner. Anything that causes more people to protect their data and keep things locked away, the better we say.

This post was previously published. It has been updated with more curren…

Samsung Galaxy S7 Active review: Bigger, beefier, more ACTIVE!!!

The quick take

The Samsung Galaxy S7 has been our nearly unanimous choice for the best phone of 2016. And once again U.S. operator AT&T (and only AT&T, we might add) has commissioned an “active” version. It sports a more destruction-proof case and a bigger battery, with a few new software features to go along with that “active” name. You won’t want to abuse this phone, but it should stand up to life better than most.

The Good

33% larger battery than stock GS7
Great performance
Takes a licking, keeps on ticking
That display is still gorgeous

The Bad

AT&T’s bloatware has got to stop
Stuck as an exclusive on AT&T
Seam between display and body

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Galaxy S7 Active Video Review

Drop it, we dare you

Galaxy S7 Active Full Review

Right on cue, Samsung and AT&T roll out a more robust Galaxy S7

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