This is the Olympic Galaxy Note 8

Can a phone inspire you to be an Olympian?

Maybe not, but if you’re already an Olympian and competing in Pyeongchang, Samsung’s cooked up a special treat for you. The company has created this official Olympic version of its popular Galaxy Note 8 for athletes competing at the 2018 Olympic Winter Games.

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Apart from its looks, this phone is the same as the original Note 8. Functionally, it has all the same features and capabilities, but that’s not a bad thing. we rated the Note 8 very highly in our original review. It’s just got a pristine paint job worthy of an Olympic champion.

The glass on glass finish of the Note 8 now has a white backing, which hides fingerprints and smudges and looks fresh all the time. The frame is gold, though the shade is a little dialed back and looks a bit silver. The S Pen gets this new color too and it’s an eye catcher.

The Olympic rings sit on the lower third of the backing, in the same color as the golden frame. As an official partner of the Olympics and company from South Korea, host of the current Winter Games, this feels like an immense endorsement for this phone. Athletes from the Summer Games in Rio also received custom Galaxy devices, but you can almost feel how proud this Korean company is to fully represent.

There are a few cosmetic changes in the software, too. The phone features a pre-installed Olympics theme and a custom boot screen. These are a little less exciting, as the Olympic motif is basically circles and lines of different colors on a dark background. I really like the preset graphic for the always on-display, a gold medal.

I can’t help but wonder how useful this special edition will be. Olympic athletes are the only ones who get this device, and it might not make much sense to have it on them during those rigorous workouts. The phone is still large, tall, and made entirely of glass. It’s probably too fragile for the kind of training many of its users do. It’s a nice representation of the olympians’ achievements, though.

It’s too bad this version was only made in a super-limited run, as it’s the Note 8’s only white option. If that’s something you’d really want, maybe it’s enough inspiration to get moving and one day reach an Olympic level. Or just keep an eye on eBay over the next few weeks. If you ever get to the Olympics, Samsung will probably something like this waiting for you.

Let us know what you think of this super rare Olympic edition of the Note 8, which we were lucky enough to get a look at.

Get a free pair of Gear IconX earbuds with a Galaxy Note 8 or S8

If you’re ready to hop on the wireless earbud train, Samsung is offering a pretty nice deal. For a limited time, you can get a free pair of the Gear IconX wireless earbuds with the purchase of a Samsung Galaxy S8 or Samsung Galaxy Note 8. Both devices already come with a nice pair of wired headphones, but these are for the wireless crowd.

The Gear IconX earbuds usually go for around $200, so this is a really nice deal. If you’re already in the market for the Galaxy S8 or Note 8, this is a nice little incentive. The deal will last until March 1st. On February 25th we’ll get our first official look at the Samsung Galaxy S9, which means you’ll have a few days to snag this deal if you feel like sticking with the 8 generation.

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Deal: Free Gear IconX earphones with every Galaxy S8, Note 8 at Samsung US store

Samsung For a limited time, anyone buying a Galaxy S8, Galaxy S8 Plus, or Galaxy Note 8 from Samsung’s store will also get a pair of the manufacturer’s own Gear IconX wireless earphones completely free.

Samsung is one of just a handful of Android OEMs that has stuck with the tried and true 3.5mm headphone jack in recent years – a trend that’s expected to continue with the upcoming Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus. That being said, not all Galaxy users will want to mess around with cables when wireless alternatives are now readily available.

Editor's Pick

With its latest deal, which runs until March 1st, Samsung is essentially bundling its own flagship wireless earbuds with its top-tier phones.

The Gear IconX (2018) earphones are kitted out with 4 GB of onboard storage and touch controls which supports playback even if you don’t have your phone with you.

The buds also offer up to seven hours of standalone time on a single charge, or up to five hours in Bluetooth mode and up to four hours of talktime. They also come with a carrying case outfitted with its own 340 mAh battery.

The Gear IconX earphones usually retail at $199, so you’re certainly getting your money’s worth. The deal is available exclusively via Samsung’s US store and features unlocked devices or models tied to selected carriers, including Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint, AT&T, US Cellular, and more. Hit the button below to head to the store page.

This latest deal follows equally tantalizing reduction on Samsung’s 2017 flagship range at Best Buy. To put it bluntly, if you don’t care about the Galaxy S9 but still want a great Samsung phone, now would be a great time to pick up a Galaxy S8 or Note 8 as retailers attempt to clear some of their older stock.

Deal: $300 off Verizon Samsung Galaxy Note 8, $200 off Galaxy S8, S8 Plus at Best Buy

We’re just under two weeks away from Samsung’s Unpacked 2018 event in Barcelona, Spain, where the South Korean giant is expected to unveil the Galaxy S9 to the world. While there are plenty of rumors doing the rounds regarding possible features, specs and more, there’s one point on which everyone seems to agree: it’s going to be pricey.

Die-hard fans who are after the latest devices will most likely pay up regardless, but savvy buyers may want to check out a flurry of deals at Best Buy on Samsung’s last-gen heavy-hitters and the Galaxy Note 8.

Editor's Pick

Starting with Samsung’s flagship phablet, you can now pick up a Verizon Galaxy Note 8 with a massive $300 discount on a two-year repayment plan.

This offer has been running with a $200 bill credit for a little while now, but now you can grab an additional $100 reduction on top.

The deal works out at $26.50 a month, with the handset’s full price dropping from $936 to $636. Alternatively, you can pick up the Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8 Plus on a similar deal with a $200 discount.

If you don’t want a Verizon phone, AT&T you can save $200 on any of the three devices on a repayment plan. Sprint customers, meanwhile, can snag a $350 Best Buy gift card on a 24-month deal.

You can see all of the deals at Best Buy’s online store by hitting the button below.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 & Pisen Hand Warmer/Power Bank international giveaway!

Welcome to the Sunday Giveaway, the place where we giveaway a new Android phone each and every Sunday.

A big congratulations to last week’s winner of the Google Pixel 2 XL international giveaway: Timothy H. (U.K.)

This week we are giving away a brand new Samsung Galaxy Note 8 courtesy of Pisen!

Pisen’s 2-in-1 Hand Warmer & Power Bank will not only keep your phone charged, but also keep you warm in the process.

This pebble-shaped power bank provides plenty of heat at a maximum of ~122°F / 50°C, and its internal overheating protection guarantees it will be safe to use anytime, anywhere. It also packs a 7,500 mAh battery inside, which is enough to charge your Galaxy Note 8 well over two times on a single charge.

If you’re looking for a Valentine’s Day gift for that special someone, this might be the perfect gift.

Use the coupon code poweruplove to get an extra 25% off your purchase on Amazon!

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8 is the definition of a power user’s dream phone. Not only does it sport the most top-of-the-line specs, it’s also one of the more feature-packed smartphones out there right now. If a Snapdragon 835, 6 GB of RAM, a dual-camera setup, and an S Pen aren’t doing it for you, just remember that the Note 8 has the best smartphone display on the market.

To learn more about the Galaxy Note 8, check out our related articles below:

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Samsung Galaxy Note 8 international giveaway!

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