Samsung Reportedly Resumes Galaxy S8/S8+ Oreo Rollout in Some Countries

Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ owners have been anxiously waiting their chance to get a taste of Android 8.0 Oreo. After the completion of the Samsung Experience 9.0 Beta program which was announced in November of last year, we finally started to see the first official Oreo updates land on consumer devices. The joy from this rollout didn’t last long though, as less than a week later the update was halted due to devices unexpectedly rebooting. It took a bit of time to figure out what the root cause of the issue was, but at least Samsung has started rolling out the update once again.

While Google works closely with various OEMs to help them deploy the latest version of Android as quickly as possible, there are bound to be some unique issues that pop up from time to time. Now, we do generally see this less often on devices that are running a closer version of stock Android than we see from OEMs such as Samsung or LG. However, Essential has shown us that things such as the laggy scrolling issue they have been experiencing can happen even without those heavy OEM ROMs.

Naturally, the more changes you make to stock Android the more chances there are for bugs to surface from new updates. This is what Samsung experienced with their Android 8.0 Oreo OTA update for the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+. The unexpected rebooting issue wasn’t  widespread as many of us installed the update manually and haven’t experienced any reboots. Still, the bug that was reported was critical enough that it was best for Samsung to pause the rollout when they did.

We first reported on that update being halted a week ago today and since then they have been working on a new firmware that fixed the issue. Since it has been fixed, the Galaxy S8 and the Galaxy S8+ are now receiving new updates with the firmware version G950FXXU1CRB7 and G955XXU1CRB7 respectively. The update weighs in at 530.63MB in size and has started going out to customers in Germany right now. Assuming there aren’t any other critical bugs reported from this rollout, we should expect this update to be expanded into other countries as the weeks go by.

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Samsung resumes Android Oreo update for Galaxy S8 and S8+

Earlier this month, Samsung began rolling out the Android 8.0 Oreo update for the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ in Germany. However, less than a week later Samsung pulled the update off the market, citing a “major problem” with the software.

Now, a little over a week after the update’s withdrawal, Samsung is ready to start updating Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ units again. As reported by SamMobile, Samsung has started pushing out an over-the-air (OTA) update to both handsets, bringing Android 8.0 Oreo to the flagship devices again.

For folks who have already updated to Android Oreo with the previous software update, then the new software update will measure in at a little over 530MB. If you haven’t upgraded to Android Oreo yet, then the software will be a bit bigger in size.

The new firmware version for the Galaxy S8 is G950FXXU1CRB7. Meanwhile, the Galaxy S8+’s firmware version has been bumped up to G955XXU1CRB7.

According to the original report, Samsung is rolling out the update in Germany first, but it shouldn’t be too long before it starts making its way to devices in other markets.

Are you excited to get a working build of Android 8.0 Oreo on your Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8+?

Get a free pair of Gear IconX earbuds with a Galaxy Note 8 or S8

If you’re ready to hop on the wireless earbud train, Samsung is offering a pretty nice deal. For a limited time, you can get a free pair of the Gear IconX wireless earbuds with the purchase of a Samsung Galaxy S8 or Samsung Galaxy Note 8. Both devices already come with a nice pair of wired headphones, but these are for the wireless crowd.

The Gear IconX earbuds usually go for around $200, so this is a really nice deal. If you’re already in the market for the Galaxy S8 or Note 8, this is a nice little incentive. The deal will last until March 1st. On February 25th we’ll get our first official look at the Samsung Galaxy S9, which means you’ll have a few days to snag this deal if you feel like sticking with the 8 generation.

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Deal: Free Gear IconX earphones with every Galaxy S8, Note 8 at Samsung US store

Samsung For a limited time, anyone buying a Galaxy S8, Galaxy S8 Plus, or Galaxy Note 8 from Samsung’s store will also get a pair of the manufacturer’s own Gear IconX wireless earphones completely free.

Samsung is one of just a handful of Android OEMs that has stuck with the tried and true 3.5mm headphone jack in recent years – a trend that’s expected to continue with the upcoming Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus. That being said, not all Galaxy users will want to mess around with cables when wireless alternatives are now readily available.

Editor's Pick

With its latest deal, which runs until March 1st, Samsung is essentially bundling its own flagship wireless earbuds with its top-tier phones.

The Gear IconX (2018) earphones are kitted out with 4 GB of onboard storage and touch controls which supports playback even if you don’t have your phone with you.

The buds also offer up to seven hours of standalone time on a single charge, or up to five hours in Bluetooth mode and up to four hours of talktime. They also come with a carrying case outfitted with its own 340 mAh battery.

The Gear IconX earphones usually retail at $199, so you’re certainly getting your money’s worth. The deal is available exclusively via Samsung’s US store and features unlocked devices or models tied to selected carriers, including Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint, AT&T, US Cellular, and more. Hit the button below to head to the store page.

This latest deal follows equally tantalizing reduction on Samsung’s 2017 flagship range at Best Buy. To put it bluntly, if you don’t care about the Galaxy S9 but still want a great Samsung phone, now would be a great time to pick up a Galaxy S8 or Note 8 as retailers attempt to clear some of their older stock.

Customize Samsung Experience 9.0 and Android Oreo on the Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+ with this Xposed Module

The Android 8.0 Oreo and Samsung Experience 9.0 update for the  Samsung Galaxy S8 and the Galaxy S8+ may have been put on hold recently, but that hasn’t stopped some folks from manually installing it anyway. With more people slated to receive the update when the rollout resumes, it’s only natural that Galaxy S8 owners are looking for a way to customize some of its features. That’s where the Firefds Kit Xposed Module from XDA Senior Member firefds comes into play. This module has been popular among Samsung owners since the Galaxy S8’s Marshmallow days, and it’s been recently updated to support the new Android 8.0 Oreo update. Check it out in the XDA forums.

Firefds Kit Features

– Advanced Power Menu
– Carrier Label options in status bar
– Fake System status
– Disable TIMA/KAP
– Call Recording
– Auto call recording
– Bypass Email Exchange restrictions
– Disable tether provisioning
– DVFS Disable option
– Disable battery level/temp checks while using Camera
– Disable Adb during secured lockscreen
– Enable Message save and restore from sdcard
– Show Wireless charging popup
– Hide NFC icon
– Disable Bluetooth toggle popup
– Disable volume control sound
– Disable low battery sound
– Screen timeout settings
– And few other features

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