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Google ARCore 1.5 announced and the LG Q6 and LG Q8 are now supported

Google ARcore OnePlus 5T, Xiaomi Mi 8, and Honor 10Google ARCore has really taken off recently. The augmented reality platform has been getting the support of many new devices. Unlike its predecessor, Tango, it doesn’t require any dedicated hardware in order to work. Everything is made on the software end, which helped ARCore find the popularity and compatibility across a variety of devices. Today,

Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 Review: The Best Android Tablet Left

samsung galaxy tab s4Android tablets are not the hot, trendy gadgets that they used to be. For a brief time, every Android OEM was cranking out tablets left and right. Nowadays, it’s mainly just Samsung sticking to the form factor. Their latest tablet, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S4, was reviewed by our friends at PocketNow. They say it’s