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Samsung Galaxy S10 to come in 4 colors, Galaxy F foldable phone with 512 GB storage: Report

The Samsung Galaxy S10 is set to launch in four colour options, while the Galaxy F will launch in two.The Samsung Galaxy S10 is set to come in four different colors at launch, according to a report from SamMobile.  It’s expected to launch in February of 2019, in Black, White, Yellow, and Green. Just like other manufacturers, Samsung has, in the past, released new color options after a launch. There’s nothing suggesting they won’t

The Samsung Galaxy S10 may have an under-screen front camera

The Samsung Galaxy S10 may feature an under-screen front-facing camera.With nearly all of this year’s flagships out-of-the-way, it’s time to start looking towards 2019. We’ve already got the in-display fingerprint sensor making its way to flagship smartphones from the likes of Vivo and OnePlus, and soon it may be possible to ditch the notch completely. There are already smartphones with pop-up cameras such as

Samsung is outsourcing manufacturing of the Galaxy A6s to a Chinese ODM

Samsung appears to be outsourcing manufacturing of the Samsung Galaxy A6s to Wintech.Samsung themselves own the factories that manufacture Samsung smartphones across the globe, but it seems that the company is beginning to outsource manufacturing of some of their products sold in China. We first heard about this arrangement via a report from The Korea Herald which alleged that Samsung would be outsourcing manufacturing of some of their products

Samsung Foldable Smartphone “Winner” and Snapdragon 8150 appear in Galaxy S9’s Android Pie update

As the largest Android smartphone manufacturer in the world, Samsung is almost always working on several new products at the same time. When the company is producing new hardware, we can sometimes see hints of these devices in the company’s existing software builds. For example, we uncovered 4 models of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S10

Mid-range Samsung Galaxy spotted on TENAA with dual rear cameras

Samsung GalaxyWe’ve been hearing a lot about an upcoming Samsung Galaxy P30, a name which clearly takes a page out of Huawei’s book. While there are doubts about the device’s marketing name (PhoneArena believes it will be called the Samsung Galaxy A6s), we do have an idea about some of its specifications and the design. A