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How to SIM Unlock the Galaxy S9: What to Know

How to SIM Unlock the Galaxy S9: What to Know is a post by Cory Gunther from Gotta Be Mobile.

In this guide we’ll show you how to SIM unlock the Galaxy S9 so you can use it on different carrier networks. That way if you bought the Galaxy S9+ from AT&T, you can still take it to T-Mobile if you want. We’ll explain the different ways to unlock it, and why you might want …

How to SIM Unlock the Galaxy S9: What to Know is a post by Cory Gunther from Gotta Be Mobile.

How SIM cards work

We deal with SIM cards on a daily basis in our phones (and sometimes tablets), but yet, we know very little about them. When it comes to SIM cards, all we really know is that when we plug it into the device, it allows us to use our selected carrier’s data network. And when we […]

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Ask AC: What do I need to do when I change my SIM card?

Going to change your SIM card? It’s usually simple, but here are a couple of things to know before you look for a paperclip.

Todd from Belfast writes in:

“I travel a lot with my new job, and the company doesn’t like us to use the issued phone for personal calls and texts. Is there anything I need to know when I’m changing the SIM card on my LG Android phone?”

Hi, Todd! Changing your SIM card is mostly a plug and play affair. Chances are that all you need to do is shut the phone off, pull out the old one and pop in the new. You really don’t need to shut the phone off if you know how to manually refresh your network connection. But turning things off is usually easier because a reboot is quick and simple. When you reboot, it should just work. But there are a couple things you should know and keep in the back of your mind whilst you’re plugging and playing.

Some phones, like the single-SIM version of the Samsung Galaxy S7, the HTC 10 and many others, share a single slot for both…

Meizu m3 note review

Meizu has earned a reputation for great affordable user experiences but is its latest handset up to the task? Let’s find out, in this our m3 note review.

How to buy an unlocked Android phone in Canada

There are many reasons to buy an unlocked smartphone, and some reasons not to.

Unlocked phones are all the rage, but what does the term mean, and when is the right time to make the investment?

What is an unlocked phone?

An unlocked phone is one that has no restrictions on which carrier it can be used. Most Canadian carriers, in exchange for providing a handsome subsidy, sell handsets that are locked to their networks, making it more likely that you will purchase, and continue using, their service. Popping a SIM card from, say, Bell into a Rogers-locked device will throw an error and won’t connect. Put a Rogers SIM card back in that phone, and it starts working again.

When a phone is unlocked, you are free to shop around for the best monthly plan — one that is not tied to the sale of a handset. Most carriers, in fact, offer monthly discounts for bringing an unlocked phone to their network, since they don’t have to sell a subsidized phone — money that comes out of their bottom …