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Tasker v5.2 Brings Custom Setting Support, Immersive Mode, Runtime Permissions and More!

taskerWhen one talks about device automation on Android, it is difficult to mention Tasker in that conversation. Tasker is one of the most well-known automation apps on Android, allowing determined users to achieve almost anything that they have set their minds on. Tasker recently underwent a change in ownership, coming into the hands of the

What’s in store for Tasker and AutoApps? A Mini Interview with João Dias.

If you’ve ever wondered, “why can’t my Android phone do that,” the truth is it probably can. Thanks to the openness of Android APIs, there are lots of automation apps on the Play Store that let you do pretty much whatever you can put your mind to. Tasker is perhaps the most well-known automation app

The Future of Tasker is in Good Hands: João Dias of AutoApps Fame is Taking Over Development

Tasker is perhaps the most useful app on the Google Play Store. The app offers total control over your device through its automation features, and through the use of its extensive plugin system, it can even integrate with web services and other smart devices. Unfortunately, development on Tasker has been slowing down in the past

How to Block Heads Up Notifications while Gaming or Watching a Video

A few years ago Android switched from a ticker style notification system to heads up notifications. Instead of just having the information scrolling across the status bar when a notification came in (ticker), heads up notifications in Android 5.0 Lollipop would popup on top of the status bar over any screen. Some people like this