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HTC’s mid-range HTC U12 life is better than you think

HTC hasn’t been churning out as many phones as it used to, but the newest addition to the company’s lineup, the HTC U12 life, is more interesting than we expected. Clad with a two-tone acrylic glass panel on the back and a notch-less 6-inch FHD+ display up front, the HTC U12 life looks like it …

Huawei’s first Android Pie update coming in two weeks

Every year it’s the same story: Google releases the newest version of Android Manufacturers then announce their support for the new version of Android Consumers wait 3-9 months for the new version of Android to hit their phones While it looks like that general narrative will continue to play out this year, Huawei seems to …

YouTube now has a list of Signature Devices that offer the ‘best’ video experience


If you watch a lot of YouTube videos on your phone, then you might want to check YouTube’s newest list to see if your device supports the best possible viewing experience while you do.

When Samsung announced the Galaxy Note 9 this week, they mentioned that the handset is […]

Android P rumored to launch on August 20

The long-awaited release date for Android P may finally be right around the corner. Famed leakster Evan Blass just posted a new Tweet which places the letter “P” on the 20th of August. While no additional information was shared in the Tweet, it’s not hard to deduce that the image is directly linked to the …