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Astronaut Poop: It’s What’s For Dinner

One man’s feces are another man’s … food? Scientists are exploring the use of human waste as a resource for astronauts. A Penn State University research team used microbes to break down solid […]
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You Can Eat This Straw When You’re Done Slurping Your Drink

Plastic straws are an environmental nightmare. In the next 24 hours, Americans will throw away somewhere around 500 million plastic straws. If that sounds like a whole lotta waste, that’s because it is. […]
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Researchers Tout Poultry Poop as Renewable Energy Source

One man’s fowl excrement is another man’s renewable energy source. Researchers at the Ben-Gurion University of the Negev in Israel are championing the use of poultry poop as fuel for heat and electricity. […]
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