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Samsung’s Good Lock Offers the Coolest Smartphone Features & Customization Nobody Talks About

Samsung’s Galaxy S and Galaxy Note continue to be the de facto Android experience for millions of people around the globe, remaining the best selling phones among casual crowds and a preferred option among enthusiasts as well. While the devices have been a bit predictable for a while, there’s no arguing that they’re incredibly competent products

How Apple’s New Lineup and iPhone XR will Influence Android Trends, for Better and Worse

Apple’s annual events are a time and cause of reflection for Android purists. It’s a single day, once a year—unless you count Apple’s tablet events—which Android has continuously failed to compete against. It’s a day when Apple arguably has the most to lose but also has the most excess to throw around, showing the world

Sony’s frustratingly good lineup is held back by nonsensical support, awful pricing, and an outdated release strategy

Sony Xperia XZ2The Sony Xperia XZ2 might just be my favorite device of 2018. Since my very positive review, my impressions of the device have continued to be fairly positive. It is very snappy, has a great display, camera, battery life, and is continually updated by Sony with security patches within two weeks of Google. That isn’t

Fortnite Installer could be abused to silently install apps on Galaxy phones

Fortnite Mobile Android Samsung GalaxyThe launch of Fortnite Mobile on Android hasn’t been too great, especially since many of the supported devices really struggle to play the game with acceptable frame rates. The game launched as a Samsung Galaxy exclusive for only 3 days. The Fortnite Installer was first available on Samsung Galaxy Apps before Epic Games allowed non-Samsung

OnePlus 6 vs. OnePlus 3 – Is it time to upgrade?

The OnePlus 6 has been in the hands of reviewers and consumers alike for over a month now. While it’s pretty clear that it’s currently one of the fastest phones around, many will be wondering whether it’s worth the upgrade. I myself came from the OnePlus 3, and I can say without a doubt that