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Amazon Halts Sales of BLU Smartphones Over Privacy & Security Issues

Back in November of last year we reported on an issue concerning a BLU smartphone that had a controversial piece of software on them known as Adups. The original report came from KryptoWire who pointed out that the BLU R1 HD that was being sold by Amazon had this invasive software pre-installed on the devices. This

Motorola Unveils the new Moto G5S and Moto G5S Plus

If you felt that this year did not have as many phone releases as a smartphone enthusiast could want, Motorola has got you covered. The Lenovo subsidiary has taken it upon itself to ensure there is at least one product in every imaginable budget, with a myriad of feature combinations and even build quality. The

Motorola Promises Three Generations of Moto Mods Support on the Moto Z Lineup

One of the frequently asked questions when it comes to modularity implementations is just how long the OEMs are committed to their vision and feature. LG’s attempt at modularity was a self-confessed disaster on the LG G5 and despite their promises, the OEM failed to provide the ecosystem support needed for a fledgling idea to

Daydream Support is Rolling Out to the Galaxy S8/S8+

We have a lot of different companies trying to solidify their foundation in the VR industry. From standalone units meant for the PC with products from Oculus and HTC, all the way down to cardboard viewers from some who are just wanting to use the platform for marketing. A lot of these platforms are trying